Our Minister: Revd Ben Haslam

My name is Ben Haslam and I'm the minister of Stony Stratford Methodist Church.  I come from Yorkshire originally but spent five years as a lay worker in London before moving to Milton Keynes in 2013. I am committed to serving the Church and continuing the good work that others have done before me whilst looking to the future and finding out where God might be wanting us to go next.  Stony Stratford Methodist is a beautiful, friendly Church in a lovely old market town which has retained its sense of community.  If you have never joined us before, please come along - you are assured of a warm welcome!

Our History

John Wesley (1709-91), the founding father of Methodism, visited Stony Stratford on a number of occasions.  Although he was an ordained Anglican minister, the authorities of the Church of England were not comfortable with the self-disciplined lives and methodical approach to the study of the Bible that were the hall-mark of Wesley and his friends.  Consequently, he and his followers were denied the ability to preach in many parish churches, so they would do so at market crosses and other public places.  Wesley is said to have visited Stony Stratford at least five times and is reputed to have preached under a tree in the market square  

In the 1770s a local group of these 'methodists' began to meet for worship in a large barn behind the Talbot Inn in Stony Stratford (now 81 to 85 High Street).  It remained their meeting place until 1844 when the present church was built in Cow Lane near Coffereys (formerly Cow Fryers) Close. Cow Lane is now Silver Street and Coffereys Close is now Cofferidge Close.

Right:  Silver Street in the early 20th century (?), with the Methodist church by the lamp-post (which is still there  in its modern form - see picture on home  page).

Wesley's Tree in the Market Square circa 1905

Above:  Wesley's Tree in the market square circa 1905 

Methodism Today 

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.  It does this through worship, learning & caring, service and evangelism. 

Methodism has long recognized the valuable contribution of women to both ordained and lay ministry.

Stony Stratford Methodist Church is part of the Methodist Connexion in Great Britain that links all Methodist Churches through its structure of Circuits and Districts.  Methodist churches in a local area are grouped into a Circuit, overseen by a Superintendent minister and assisted by small number of ministers and lay people.  The governing body of the Methodist Church is the Conference, which meets annually and is overseen by a President and a Vice President, who are both elected to serve in those offices for one year.  

Stony Stratford Methodist Church is a part of the Milton Keynes United Area (Methodist and United Reformed Churches)

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