Revd Dr Margaret Goodall



December  2019

1 December - Mr Glen Beck

8 December - Revd Margaret Goodall (Holy Communion

15 December - Mrs Paulette Tedd

22 December - Revd Margaret Goodall 

24 December - Christmas Eve Carol Service 6.00 pm

25 December - Christmas Day Service 10.00 am

29 December - Revd Nicola Martyn-Beck

Who/What are Methodists?

Members of the Methodist Church seek to respond to God's love for the world as shown in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. To do this, people who call themselves Methodist try live out their discipleship through worship, learning & caring, service and evangelism.

Methodism has long recognized and valued the contribution of  people from every walk of life and is welcoming of all without regard to nationality, ethnicity, gender or orientation 

Stony Stratford Methodist Church is part of the Milton Keynes Circuit of Methodist churches, which in turn is part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain. The Methodist Church encourages and values the active participation of lay members at all levels of its organisation.  

For more information about:

The Milton Keynes Methodist Circuit visit:

The Methodist Church of Great Britain visit:


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